Episode 13 The Doctor and the Slaves of Time

written by Royce Pentaghast

edited by Carolyn Rutter and Damien Crompton

Royce has given us quite a dark little contemplative 2 parter and some new pictures ¬†ūüôā

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I’ve wrapped it in two soundscapes – one’s epic violins and soaring vocals Alex Doan’s ‘ Beyond the Horizon’ a heavier version of his ‘Between Mirrors’ . The other version has Kevin Macleod’s “Summer Rain”, which someone described as suitable for a samurai’s deathbed reflections. Here’s the first:

and the second

A Muse

The male muse – is he really just there for our female Doctor’s amusement? The brief for this episode was Terry get taken as a slave.

Poor Terry functions as the script writer’s male muse – what situation can he man-ouvre into that is a galactic mile away from his nuveau-hipster urban comfort zone. If you have watched Breaking Bad think ¬†Jessie Pinkman. Kudos to Michael for the taking the punches and the falls as well as delivering a very natural performance.


  • Narrator – Dian Smith
  • Doctor: ¬†¬†– Moira Seward
  • Terry: her companion a 20 something male earthling – Michael Rutter
  • Butler-Bot: service droid attached to the luxury suite of the QUESTR – Adam Brooks
  • ALIEN POLICE 1 (Douglas Barbieri) and ALIEN POLICE 2 – part of the West King of Sandal‚Äôs armed forces ¬†(Damien Crompton)
  • ALIEN VILLAIN – named Veedoo who is buying slave workers ¬†(Richard Butler)
  • SLAVER – ¬†named Mindoo ¬†(Royce Gale/Pentaghast)
  • MARKET SELLER – who has the stolen Questr (Adam Brooks)
  • market walla – Carlos Anon

The credit roll now also includes 3 robots from http://www.fromtexttospeech.com as the alien police Harry, Daisy and Emma, and i’m really rather in love with Harry ( English male voices – don’t ask. )


Theme intro music courtesy Benjamin Rossiter

Beyond the horizon  courtesy of Alex Doan.

all other sounds unless otherwise noted are licensed by attribution creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Deserted by Fesliyan Studios, Echoes of Time by Kevin Macleod, Seeking Loot, Summer Rain by machinimasound.com, Frost Bitten Sunrise by Teknoaxe.com




sfx were made from this photo’s PIXELSIMG_1027 into the Questr ‘shudder” for 12/13 (links to the coagula software on the shownotes from ep9 )

Our Whoniverse

Eight episodes later, although unfortunately leaning still very heavily on the material of the Brobrean Brothers Corporation we have managed to actually develop our own canon and must be careful to avoid plot contradictions in the Whoniverse. Might have to reorganise these webages wiki-style. Meanwhile –

You Can’t Say That Again!

As we head in to the on air replays of a remastered Ep1 tomorrow and finalise the scripts for S2 I thought again of some of the inspirations for the Whoniverse. It began all those years ago with an australian script writer in the shadow of a possible nuclear war, with themes of child welfare, tribal conflict over technological advantage and aired the day after the assassination of president JFK.

Science fiction is a perfect medium to explore uncomfortable themes lightly for our general audience, without making fun of it. ¬†G rated being free to air, no visually graphic content. Radio gives us a lot of freedom and an unlimited wardrobe budget ( yay!) ¬†The corny fantasy aspects work in our favour here – no one is going to take it too seriously ¬†… and yet…

12662528_546702162168677_6253121898270132284_nTropes burned into the collective consciousness

Adam the chief script writer is rather young and living in the lucky country. He is of the generation of australians who are not convicts, refugees of war or bad economics, and yet those themes will be threaded throughout.  In production EP1 working title was Terror of France since it is set in the Napoleonic era but before it hit the airwaves Paris was rocked by the first of a string of terrorist attacks! So it was a rapidly renamed Citizen of Gallifrey pts 1-4 (because titles are just hard ok?)

Terry the companion is accidentally shoved into the dangerous universe from his comfy hipster lifestyle. Unlike the usual BBC companions he’s neither courageous nor particularly bright, although he has a handy knowledge of what the actor Michael Rutter calls ‘pub facts’. But by ep8 I had him step up, up meaning a whole 93 floors, and help unite two economically divided races. The currency is water – the currency that literally underlies the conflict in the Gaza strip which sits over an aquifer.

 What would Terry say?

Actually I think we only continue to teach Shakespeare at school so the generations have some common ground other than today’s weather. ‘Miles’ is still ok with millenials as ‘kilometres does not roll lightly off the tongue’, but ‘acres’ is largely out. So ‘miles of redbrick roofs’ it is.

A doctor who can say what she wants?

season 2 means a new frock!

and then there is the whole fanfic thing of what does and does not upset auntie. I joined up to this production to have¬†a go at script writing but also because i was INCENSED at the ageism and ownership of imagination that some people think the word copyright implies. Free speech is bandwith¬†worth fighting for. So BBC freely broadcast into your home,¬†set out to inspire young minds, and literally ‘capture’ their imagination. After making a false sense of friendship blossom,¬†suddenly ‘auntie’ closes the trap on your 18 yo brain and shackles you to you can’t say/write/share that unless we give you permissions or you cross our greedy palms with silver?¬† Before that…yeah we would love you to use a T’ardis in your school play – teachers please contact us? Not on my watch. Ironic video of Peter Capaldi talking to a young fan at comic con -ahh¬†how much the world has changed now Auntie has to deal with a facebook enabled parent observing.

Back when i was homeschooling, Auntie¬†wanted to charge someink like AUD $66 before postage for a vhs tape of the RI Christmas lectures – a series inaugurated by Michael Faraday as ¬†FREE public lecture. Meanwhile across the pond the HHMI foundation streamed their xmas lectures from the web or posted out a CD for nothing. Cue incensed letter to the RI followed by a sudden appearance of a benefactor and the free streaming, $6 CD at their institution too. So i thought we could have at least one grammatical use of the word doctor immediately followed by the word ‘who’ hidden in every script and perhaps a doctor who saves the world with a strongly worded letter to the editor … listen for them ūüėõ

You can’t say that!

scary virus worm from episode 4

The City park radio programming guidelines are strictly G so we had to invent an expletive Terry could say on air Рhe is after all a male 20 something bogan and aliens are shooting at him, so our actor Michael came up with flip! for our f word. The sound editor shall fire a handy blaster shot any time he tries that s word.  

Testing the Translation Circuit

It’s science fiction so there are long technical explains and worse – alien words. ¬†The Questr is equipped with a handy translation device that magically works at a distance. So we can stick with english as the truly universal language, and use fake alien accents – the radio equivalent of a Dalek costume ūüôā

However¬†it’s always a surprise to a script writer as to which innocuous little words trip the tongues of the voice actors. Star shines will become shar stines, capacitors morph into capacitators, and time saving efforts turn into marathon recording sessions. After handling the periodic table with ease¬†Rowena created the Thornhill capacitator, our take on a flux capacitor.¬†So now its super special. “fruity tropical lime with a hint of hazlenut character” that was a little line i got off a bottle of Josef Chromy chardonnay and seriously regretted. Took a dozen takes and script writer was about to be strangled since the bottle was empty and we couldn’t just drown our woes.

Our script writers actually dodge creating alien names. just alien 1 alien 2 etc… They have no problems creating characters and convoluted plots but were so pleased I found¬†this handy thing online fantasynamegenerators.com¬†I haven’t yet tried hustling them into making up a language as involved as say Dothraki. Maybe season 3.

Season 1 Episode 8 Story Details

Circumbinary Planets

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle Episode 8 features¬†the Nixi who inhabit the planet¬†Nix, the unidentical twin to Brobree orbiting the twin suns – ¬†“circumbinary planets”. After writing my fictional solar system I found out that in 2012 such a system called Keppler-47 was discovered in the constellation Cygnus, and that binary suns are actually more common than singeltons like our sun, (which would actually be predicted by the electrical theory of star formation) So it’s no surprise that Gallifrey is also in a binary star system in the constellation of Kasterborous (both fictional btw).

Star in a Jar

In this episode I wanted to let Terry test another one of the Doctor’s theories and move out of his role as bystander. The Brobrean dome and the doctor’s idea is based on this ¬†video by ¬†David La Point called the Primer Fields “You will be amazed as a magnetic model of the dome at CERN is used to create a 100 mm diameter plasma Sun with a 300 mm diameter equatorial disc of plasma around it! All the plasma videos are actual footage with no enhancement or manipulation other than speed. In other words, this is real thing. Hard to believe, but it is all true.”


wooo  oooh Рthe electric universe finished our first season! Thanks to Wal Thornhill www.holoscience.com for being my MUSE, Adam, Michael master of dialogue appropriate to those under 21, the Delorain writers, and of course the actors! Virtual flowers to the folk at city park radio for making it all happen on air. Thanks to Trevor, and the generous people of the internet world who have made the foleys sound effects and the music for making it really sing.

Episode sound credits  unless otherwise stated creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

include all  from Episode 7

Black Vortex by Kevin Macleod incompetech.com (Nix attack music)




http://www.freesound.org/people/jeremysykes/sounds/341666/ licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.



Get ready for the Nixi!

Episode 7 The vortex of the Nix pt 1 premiering on  October 30th World Audio Drama Day

Goodness! How happy a coincidence is that – on a day celebrating THE radio drama show of shows – Orson Well’s War of the Worlds broadcast. Hard science crossed with heroes and monsters, all set within the worldly concerns of our everyday life experience – isn’t that what science fiction is all about?

Spoiler alert

The Nixi are a product of a brainstorming session at the Deloraine craft fair a year ago with some members of Deloraine nanomo write-in group – in a faerie shop no less. ¬†All I had at the time was Adam’s brief to crash the Doc and her stowaway into a waterworld and my idea to bring some cutting edge hard science- the Electric universe, into two 15 min episodes.¬†Brain cells supported by coffee and cake and good company came up with rat like race of scavengers who live on the desert world of Nix, and have a unique sound. They go “nixixixix ” They are bipedal man sized creatures insulated with thick scales that can also cover their eyes and ears when needed. Rather like certain knights who say ni! but lacking a shrubbery ūüôā Cue the coloured pencils and young Bridgette Ewings created Pelham the Brobrean seamonster ¬†for us¬†as the plotline started to unfurl¬†like this –

( It sounds amazing btw his voice is also a whiteboard marker! see the credits below) Then just integrate huge tech info dump into the crayola somehow.

Wouldn’t it all be easier with a picture? image courtesy of Claire Stribbles Photography

the lavender seas of Brobree performed by  Aurora Australis and the waves of Smygehuk Sweden

No historical characters were harmed in the making of this play

Our producer was at first rather horrified at the disparagement¬†of Einstein’s work – after all time travel, big bangs and blackholes abound in the fictional world of the Doctor. Luckily we don’t have to budge¬†the ultra massive bulk of academia to¬†shift science fiction plots to the next level and leave some of our old tropes behind¬†-that’s the fun of writing near future hard scifi. The science of electrically structured water that is used by the Brobreans to build their Dome is real enough, as is the Birkeland Current, Safire ¬†and Wallace Thornhill ( with his permission of course! ) – although he hasn’t invented a flux ‘capacitator’ ….. yet…… http://www.thespaceshow.com/show/16-aug-2016/broadcast-2759-wal-thornhill

CREDITS  see https://thedoctorsaudioadventures.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/story-details-3-the-doctor-ytbt/

Credits for sound effects on Episode 7 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 0, 3 or 4.0 International http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

re-orginising episodes

i was thinking abot abit of swiching arund on stories for season 2, i was thinking of moving story 8 to story 6’s slot, and either moving the fomer story 6 to 8’s slot or moving it into season 3 and using one of the stories that has been so healy reqested into 8’s slot, what do you guys think

charicter info i.s-bot

Inteligent srvice robot aka I.s-bot or izzy is a small 2ft tall robot that looks rather child-like, izzy was bult by the timelords to service their time machines, izzy travels with the doctor assisting in her adventures, izzy can change out many of its parts and has many fnctions, including flying feture, tenticle feture, swimming and diving features and many more


alot of people have wanted to do some cross over stuff with doctor who like with star trek, star wars, comic books heros etc, well we have such a great opertunity to try and do some of these ideas, we already have a super herine story in the works, and a star trek story idea has been pitched to me where the doctor comes across a damaged and abandond 21st/22nd century ship

a good idea or a bad idea

recently an idea was submited to us to do something with the mondas cyber men as the new series dosent use them so the idea was that there are these mondas refugees on a ship heading to earth trying to ecape the cyberising process on modas which is aprocing earths orbit so im wondering if its a good idea or a bad idea to do this and posibly breach a copyright?

copyright issues

it has been said that what we are doing is illegal as it is a copyright issue, at¬†our site we take BBC’s copyright¬†seriously and¬†I¬†would like¬†to assure everyone that we have sought legal advice, and since we are a not for profit volunteer community group¬†and aren’t using the Daleks or other monsters from the TV series (this is why we want original script ideas only) ¬†we can produce our fan series without breach of copyright

submiting to us

Submitting a script idea

To get a script idea assessed send a detailed outline of your work including

Your name

Number of episodes (2/4) [if decided at this point]

Approximate length of episodes (20-30) [if decided at this point]

Working title (if any at this point)

A paragraph length synopsis of the story

A cast list of all speaking roles

(note we have a copyright protection agreement, any submitted story or story ideas are to be held in confidence and the material is not to be used without the consent of the individual who submitted it, if breaching copyrihgt / steealing of ideas ocurs then the party may take legal action).

Stories should meet submitting a manuscript for assessment

To get a script assessed deliver a one-to-two page maximum synopsis of your work and your work (up to a maximum of twenty-five pages total, do not give us the whole work unless it is under twenty-five pages even if its twenty-six pages in length, if we want the whole script we will ask for it) (note we have a copyright protection agreement, any submitted story or story ideas are to be held in confidence and the material is not to be used without the consent of the individual who submitted it, if breaching copyrihgt / steealing of ideas ocurs then the party may take legal action) stories should meet with the following


  • Line spacing: the pages should be double-spaced, or one-and-a-half spaced lines, to make the pages easier to reed. Most publishers have these same preferences. ‘Spacing’ here means spacing between the lines of typing, not the spacing between the words or letters
  • the font style should be times new roman, Arial/ Arial black or something simple, nothing cursive or in a calligraphy style, no italic‚Äôs, bolding or underlining
  • the size of the font should be consistent and between 12-16
  • soft copy, please don‚Äôt send manuscripts of your work to us unless we specifically ask
  • Hard copy, please don‚Äôt staple or get it bound, we prefer that the material be unbound in the form of loose sheets (unless it‚Äôs in a binder)
  • when you give us your manuscript, you must tell us if any publishers/producers have seen any version of the work
  • make shore that all items have your name and address clearly marked on them, don‚Äôt put your details on every page just the front page
  • please number all pages

please keep in mind being patient as we asses works from multiple individuals with multiple stories the assessment may take six to eight weeks in total and cannot always be available, although if you want updates feel free to inquire.

Character info – The Doctor

The Doctor is a¬†Time Lord from Gallifrey who travels through time and space with various companions in the obsolete and “borrowed” Type 40 time-machine, which appears to be a wooden 1950’s photo booth. Though largely a believer in non-violent conflict resolution, the Doctor¬†has resorted to violence¬†when absolutely necessary. also called Theta Sigma, informally Thete and occasionally spelt “őėő£”, was a nickname of the Doctor at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. During the escape from Gallifrey the Doctor made off with the Hand of omega

the 1st Doctor, dose not consider to be, or act to be overly concerned or aware of all the dangers of traveling, the Dr just sees everything with a child-like sense of¬†adventure, though the Dr is¬†very smart and serious, the Dr¬†can also be abrupt and brutally honest, the Dr’s favourite period¬† is¬†the French revolution, the Dr also seems to have an interest in horse riding.

2nd series out look

the 1st series is planned to end with the 5th story (with stories 6-10 to follow in s2), however the 1st series may be cut at story 3 due to no-one being available to write 4, 5. the more updates about 1st and 2nd series to come

Story details episode 7 the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix pt1

The Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix part 1

Andorrean Wetsuit
Episode 7 – that Andorrean wetsuit

Synopsis:¬†the doctor having manage to escape the pre-universe crash-lands into Brobree, a world of water under twin suns ruled by¬†amphibious aliens. Terry and the Doctor go shopping for a Thornhill Capacitator to fix the Questr. Naturally she needs to change her outfit first ūüôā Meanwhile Izzy is captured by an alien!

Written by Carmell Butter with Special Thanks To the Stephanie who bought my old phone from gumtree for the Nix vocals idea and Heather and Bridgette Ewings, Lois Rasmussen, Katara Jade – the Nano writers in Deloraine for the monster , Michael Rutter and Adam Brooks for script help

Cast: the Doctor- Rowena Dinsmore , Terry – Michael Rutter, Izzy – Brooke Maloy, Officer Bob and Captain Jack – Royce Gale, Nixi – Brooke Maloy and Adam Brooks

Editors Adam Brooks, Trevor Sneath and Carolyn Rutter

Production Notes show notes about the science behind the story 

Music and Sound effects on Episode 7 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 0, 3 or 4.0 International  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

SFX from the good folks at freesound.org 

Click > Episode 8 The Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix  part 2 

1st series over veiw

Series 1

No#;  Story details                 no# of episodes                        Written by

1;       The Doctor, Citizan of Gallifrey

Female 1st Doctor                         20-30min x 4               Adam Brooks

synopsis: depicts the early years of the Doctor, how & why the Doctor stole the time capsule from Gallifrey and ran away from the Time-lords

2;       The Doctor, Planet of Origin

Female 1st Doctor                             20-30min x 2                  Amy de Wit

synopsis: the Doctor has a stowaway who hits several of the co-ordinate buttons sending them to a strange planet that exists before the universe began

3;       The Doctor, TBT

Female 1st Doctor                             20-30min x 2                  Carmell Butter

synopsis: the Doctor having managed to escape the pre-universe crash-lands into a world of water full of amphibious aliens