episode upload date

as anounced on an erlyer post, today the upload date is to be revealed and on the facebook and on this site the first episode will be uploaded on Monday 19th September at around 4pm australian eastern standard time, each episode shall be uploaded weekly around the same day and time

star wars cross-over

a while ago a story idea came to me, the synopsis is, there’s this rouge sith who’s moved to the outskirts of town on a far off world and suddenly the doctor turns up asking for directions or whatever when Jedi turn up to fight the sith on behalf for the towns people

new information

recently i talked about cross-overs with other Sci-fi series & movies and using copyrighted material from doctor who, and i have learned that theres a condition on copyright “time of use” and this can fall on a few villans, monsters & aliens that we could re-use we can not re-tell the story per-se, though it may be an option to do as long as its worth it, say a re-telling of celestial toymaker (for example), there has to be something elce going on as i said we cant re-tell a story exactly, we dont want to be repetive, nor copy (not even follow big finish exactly) so we have to have something new to do with the charictors we re-use, but other-wise we can use things as long as bbc arent or havent yet


alot of people have wanted to do some cross over stuff with doctor who like with star trek, star wars, comic books heros etc, well we have such a great opertunity to try and do some of these ideas, we already have a super herine story in the works, and a star trek story idea has been pitched to me where the doctor comes across a damaged and abandond 21st/22nd century ship

Character info – The Doctor

The Doctor is a Time Lord from Gallifrey who travels through time and space with various companions in the obsolete and “borrowed” Type 40 time-machine, which appears to be a wooden 1950’s photo booth. Though largely a believer in non-violent conflict resolution, the Doctor has resorted to violence when absolutely necessary. also called Theta Sigma, informally Thete and occasionally spelt “ΘΣ”, was a nickname of the Doctor at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. During the escape from Gallifrey the Doctor made off with the Hand of omega

the 1st Doctor, dose not consider to be, or act to be overly concerned or aware of all the dangers of traveling, the Dr just sees everything with a child-like sense of adventure, though the Dr is very smart and serious, the Dr can also be abrupt and brutally honest, the Dr’s favourite period  is the French revolution, the Dr also seems to have an interest in horse riding.

Story details episode 7 the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix pt1

The Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix part 1

Synopsis: the doctor having manage to escape the pre-universe crash-lands into Brobree, a world of water under twin suns ruled by amphibious aliens. Terry and the Doctor go shopping for a Thornhill Capacitator to fix the Questr. Naturally she needs to change her outfit first 🙂 Meanwhile Izzy is captured by an alien!

Written by Carmell Butter with Special Thanks To the Stephanie who bought my old phone from gumtree for the Nix vocals idea and Heather and Bridgette Ewings, Lois Rasmussen, Katara Jade – the Nano writers in Deloraine for the monster , Michael Rutter and Adam Brooks for script help

Cast: the Doctor- Rowena Dinsmore , Terry – Michael Rutter, Izzy – Brooke Maloy, Officer Bob and Captain Jack – Royce Gale, Nixi – Brooke Maloy and Adam Brooks

Editors Adam Brooks and Carolyn Rutter

Production Notes show notes about the science behind the story 

Music and Sound effects on Episode 7 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 0, 3 or 4.0 International  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Kevin Macleod – Living Voyage incompetech.com ( Brobree theme )

Per Kiilstofte – Land of the Wizard Machinimasound.com ( The first Doctor’s Theme )

SFX from the good folks at freesound.org 

https://www.freesound.org/people/Owl/sounds/195294/ the waves of Smygehuk Sweden









https://www.freesound.org/people/abrez/sounds/210837/ – our monster is a finger on a whiteboard!



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1st series over veiw

Series 1

No#;  Story details                 no# of episodes                        Written by

1;       The Doctor, Citizan of Gallifrey

Female 1st Doctor                         20-30min x 4               Adam Brooks

synopsis: depicts the early years of the Doctor, how & why the Doctor stole the time capsule from Gallifrey and ran away from the Time-lords

2;       The Doctor, Planet of Origin

Female 1st Doctor                             20-30min x 2                  Amy de Wit

synopsis: the Doctor has a stowaway who hits several of the co-ordinate buttons sending them to a strange planet that exists before the universe began

3;       The Doctor, TBT

Female 1st Doctor                             20-30min x 2                  Carmell Butter

synopsis: the Doctor having managed to escape the pre-universe crash-lands into a world of water full of amphibious aliens