Episode 10 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI pt2

This episode should be listened to with headphones as I’m experimenting with a binaural effect for the explosions achieved by splitting the stereo track and shifting one channel of a stereo track ever so slightly off and sometimes duplicating the track in the center as well.


Carolyn Rutter, Trevor Sneath


Narrator – Dian Smith, Geldon -Trevor Sneath , the Doctor – Rowena Dinsmore, Terry – Michael Rutter,  Zevon – Adam Brooks, Kazuya – Royce Gale, Clone Soldiers – Carlos Anon, Manipulator – Adam Brooks, Terri – Carolyn Rutter, the male Doctor – Jaspreet Singh, Butler Bot – Adam Brooks, and introducing Doctor Two – Moira Seward


Unless otherwise noted are licensed by attribution https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Theme intro music courtesy Benjamin Rossiter

Dystopia by Per Kiilstofte machinimasound.com

Between Mirrors – Alex Doane

longing for home and The_Sirian_Dawn by Ars Sonor from freemusicarchive.org  Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Tabletop Audio – 14_Protean_Fields

Alessandro Alcinesio aka HAL9K – Cinematic Impacts – 99sounds.org/rumore-cinematic-impacts/

SFX from Freesound.org


Note: our sfx library is cumulative – hear a sound not listed? Its likely clipped from  previous episodes

Spoiler alerts

The dynamic duo just got multiplied times two in this mirror effect story arc. The Doctor and Terry attempt to help Geldon prevent the ultimate catastrophe in the senseless war on CAC XI – will humans just never learn?

It’s all about gender in season two – we have a large cast now so although we still have mostly male villains we can pitch a few more female voices in alongside the Doctor and the Narrator but still have a nice balance. Here’s a male Dr and his Terri from a gender opposite whoniverse.


Our Whoniverse

Eight episodes later, although unfortunately leaning still very heavily on the material of the Brobrean Brothers Corporation we have managed to actually develop our own canon and must be careful to avoid plot contradictions in the Whoniverse. Might have to reorganise these webages wiki-style. Meanwhile –

male doctor-verse

the male doctor universe, is the alternate universe that is inhabited by people who are the opisate gender to those in the female doctor universe ie Terry whom is a boy in the female doctor-verse has a female counter part (Terri) whom exists in the male doctor-verse, the young lady the doctor helps return to her to her universe is the male docotr’s universe as such at the same time it seems the male doctor has helped her counter part, a young man return to the female doctor’s universe there are belived to be more universes this is the multi-verse theroy