episode upload date

as anounced on an erlyer post, today the upload date is to be revealed and on the facebook and on this site the first episode will be uploaded on Monday 19th September at around 4pm australian eastern standard time, each episode shall be uploaded weekly around the same day and time


so now i have a time line, the next program meeting at city park radio is saturday 3rd of September

the following isnt confirmed but the latest conceveable date to start weekly transmitions is monday 19th of September

re-orginising episodes

i was thinking abot abit of swiching arund on stories for season 2, i was thinking of moving story 8 to story 6’s slot, and either moving the fomer story 6 to 8’s slot or moving it into season 3 and using one of the stories that has been so healy reqested into 8’s slot, what do you guys think

male doctor-verse

the male doctor universe, is the alternate universe that is inhabited by people who are the opisate gender to those in the female doctor universe ie Terry whom is a boy in the female doctor-verse has a female counter part (Terri) whom exists in the male doctor-verse, the young lady the doctor helps return to her to her universe is the male docotr’s universe as such at the same time it seems the male doctor has helped her counter part, a young man return to the female doctor’s universe there are belived to be more universes this is the multi-verse theroy

charicter info i.s-bot

Inteligent srvice robot aka I.s-bot or izzy is a small 2ft tall robot that looks rather child-like, izzy was bult by the timelords to service their time machines, izzy travels with the doctor assisting in her adventures, izzy can change out many of its parts and has many fnctions, including flying feture, tenticle feture, swimming and diving features and many more

science vs. myth

its so offen that we see science vs. myth, but though we want to have the best science we can in the series we cant do away with having the myths, the magic, the things that made doctor who special were the things that seemed imposible but what is imposible to us is someother species way of life / existsnce , and what seems imposible to others is our way of life / existsnce

brodcast date

as announced on an earlier post, today the broadcast date is to be revealed and the first broadcast date is Sunday 18th September on city park radio at around 10:30 Australian eastern standard time, each episode shall be broadcast a few times a week and around the same day and time each week, with episodes comping out weekly I’ll post up a time table

new information

recently i talked about cross-overs with other Sci-fi series & movies and using copyrighted material from doctor who, and i have learned that theres a condition on copyright “time of use” and this can fall on a few villans, monsters & aliens that we could re-use we can not re-tell the story per-se, though it may be an option to do as long as its worth it, say a re-telling of celestial toymaker (for example), there has to be something elce going on as i said we cant re-tell a story exactly, we dont want to be repetive, nor copy (not even follow big finish exactly) so we have to have something new to do with the charictors we re-use, but other-wise we can use things as long as bbc arent or havent yet


alot of people have wanted to do some cross over stuff with doctor who like with star trek, star wars, comic books heros etc, well we have such a great opertunity to try and do some of these ideas, we already have a super herine story in the works, and a star trek story idea has been pitched to me where the doctor comes across a damaged and abandond 21st/22nd century ship

a good idea or a bad idea

recently an idea was submited to us to do something with the mondas cyber men as the new series dosent use them so the idea was that there are these mondas refugees on a ship heading to earth trying to ecape the cyberising process on modas which is aprocing earths orbit so im wondering if its a good idea or a bad idea to do this and posibly breach a copyright?

Cating roles 3

Roles for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix


1stDoctor* (f)

Companion, Terry Fowler (m)*



Roles to fill for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix

slug alien shopkeeper

slug alien commander

slug alien police officer

rat alien comander

rat alien 1

rat alien 2

* Semi-permanent role


comunity radio Tasmania

we may get our recordings put out to other community radio stations, and get broadcast state-wide via them

here’s a list of the community radio stations in Tasmania

093.7 & 100.3     FM         Star FM                Break O’Day

106.1 FM                              Coast FM             Wynyard

099.3 FM                              Edge Radio          Hobart

106.5 FM                              ultra106five        Hobart

095.7 FM                              Heart FM             Northern Midlands

105.3 FM                              Way FM               Launceston

098.9 FM                              TYGA FM             Derwent Valley

096.1 FM                              Hobart FM          Hobart

095.3 FM                              Tamar FM            George Town

103.7 FM                              City Park Radio  Launceston

097.1 FM                              Mid FM                Oatlands

098.5 FM                              Huon FM             Huon Valley

097.7 FM                              Tasman FM         Tasman Peninsula

0864 AM                              RPH                        Hobart

you should be able to hear our audios on one of these, here or on our facebook site as they are posted