Amber Rack

Amber has been acting since she was first cast as Flopsy in her kindergarten class amber.jpgproduction of ‘Peter Rabbit.’ She has many years of experience performing in stage (particularly musical theater) and film work, and has recently expanded her repertoire to include voice acting. She has worked since 2014 with the Doctor Who Audio Dramas since 1982.

IzzyOn the Doctor’s Audio Adventures Amber plays the IS-Bot Izzy  and a Gallifreyan child in Season 2.


Doctor Two

Rowena Dinsmore

Call me slow but I’ve only just realised how much like a Disney Princess our doc is after re-editing episode 4 while listening to Emma Watson singing Belle’s song – you know they are both intelligent young ladies who are wanting so much more than their well meaning elders have planned. Which means the Timelady 2 really needs a nice BIG SONG!

Rowena Dinsmore has been the lovely voice of the Doctor for season one and continues until the climactic tenth episode in which Terry will meet Doctor Two played by the equally lovely Moira Seward.moira

Happily, being timetravellers, we get to hear Rowena as the child doctor for two further episodes.

Sooo about a timelady anthem – My pen has digitally dripped few teen angst style lyrics – nothing up to the mark of Halia Meguid who wrote/sang her way into Murray Gold’s soundscapes, but I am going to reach out to the Whoniverse and see what comes – perhaps someone will be inspired to theme the lady? Artwork for season two might require another request. She has a party outfit hinted at in episode 15.

and so she ran
eyes dark with tears
to find her friend
across the years

will you know me if faces change? say you you know me though times are strange

her heart beats shrill
love you me still?

Our epic Timelady’s Theme so far has been the Land of the Wizard by Per Kiilstofte at the 1:39 mark

I’ve shortlisted 3 or 4 possible themes …choices choices ….worse than the wardrobe section of the Questr



Our Whoniverse

Eight episodes later, although unfortunately leaning still very heavily on the material of the Brobrean Brothers Corporation we have managed to actually develop our own canon and must be careful to avoid plot contradictions in the Whoniverse. Might have to reorganise these webages wiki-style. Meanwhile –

Get ready for the Nixi!

Episode 7 The vortex of the Nix pt 1 premiering on  October 30th World Audio Drama Day

Goodness! How happy a coincidence is that – on a day celebrating THE radio drama show of shows – Orson Well’s War of the Worlds broadcast. Hard science crossed with heroes and monsters, all set within the worldly concerns of our everyday life experience – isn’t that what science fiction is all about?

Spoiler alert

The Nixi are a product of a brainstorming session at the Deloraine craft fair a year ago with some members of Deloraine nanomo write-in group – in a faerie shop no less.  All I had at the time was Adam’s brief to crash the Doc and her stowaway into a waterworld and my idea to bring some cutting edge hard science- the Electric universe, into two 15 min episodes. Brain cells supported by coffee and cake and good company came up with rat like race of scavengers who live on the desert world of Nix, and have a unique sound. They go “nixixixix ” They are bipedal man sized creatures insulated with thick scales that can also cover their eyes and ears when needed. Rather like certain knights who say ni! but lacking a shrubbery 🙂 Cue the coloured pencils and young Bridgette Ewings created Pelham the Brobrean seamonster  for us as the plotline started to unfurl like this –

( It sounds amazing btw his voice is also a whiteboard marker! see the credits below) Then just integrate huge tech info dump into the crayola somehow.

Wouldn’t it all be easier with a picture? image courtesy of Claire Stribbles Photography

the lavender seas of Brobree performed by  Aurora Australis and the waves of Smygehuk Sweden

No historical characters were harmed in the making of this play

Our producer was at first rather horrified at the disparagement of Einstein’s work – after all time travel, big bangs and blackholes abound in the fictional world of the Doctor. Luckily we don’t have to budge the ultra massive bulk of academia to shift science fiction plots to the next level and leave some of our old tropes behind -that’s the fun of writing near future hard scifi. The science of electrically structured water that is used by the Brobreans to build their Dome is real enough, as is the Birkeland Current, Safire  and Wallace Thornhill ( with his permission of course! ) – although he hasn’t invented a flux ‘capacitator’ ….. yet……


Credits for sound effects on Episode 7 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 0, 3 or 4.0 International

charicter info i.s-bot

Inteligent srvice robot aka I.s-bot or izzy is a small 2ft tall robot that looks rather child-like, izzy was bult by the timelords to service their time machines, izzy travels with the doctor assisting in her adventures, izzy can change out many of its parts and has many fnctions, including flying feture, tenticle feture, swimming and diving features and many more

Cating roles 3

Roles for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix


1stDoctor* (f)

Companion, Terry Fowler (m)*



Roles to fill for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix

slug alien shopkeeper

slug alien commander

slug alien police officer

rat alien comander

rat alien 1

rat alien 2

* Semi-permanent role


First female doctor series

I’m getting pretty excited about the series it’s pretty far out to think we are going to be the first with an original female doctor series I mean I know some people have done short stint webcasts and live plays as Tom Baker’s doctor, David Tennant’s doctor and Matt Smith’s doctor etc., but no-one has had an original character or had more than a few bit stories

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Cating roles 1

Roles to fill for the Doctor Citizen of Gallifrey


1stDoctor* (f)

1stMaster-Mind (m)

2ndMaster-Mind* (m)

T-L. Teacher (m)

T-L. Student

T-L. President (m)

f. Worker 1 (m)

f. soldier 1 (m)

N.F. soldier 1 (m)

N.F. soldier 2 (m)

F.rebel1 (m)

F.rebel2 (m)

T-L. Technician

Companion, Terry Fowler (m)*



* Semi-permanent role


Character info – The Doctor

The Doctor is a Time Lord from Gallifrey who travels through time and space with various companions in the obsolete and “borrowed” Type 40 time-machine, which appears to be a wooden 1950’s photo booth. Though largely a believer in non-violent conflict resolution, the Doctor has resorted to violence when absolutely necessary. also called Theta Sigma, informally Thete and occasionally spelt “ΘΣ”, was a nickname of the Doctor at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. During the escape from Gallifrey the Doctor made off with the Hand of omega

the 1st Doctor, dose not consider to be, or act to be overly concerned or aware of all the dangers of traveling, the Dr just sees everything with a child-like sense of adventure, though the Dr is very smart and serious, the Dr can also be abrupt and brutally honest, the Dr’s favourite period  is the French revolution, the Dr also seems to have an interest in horse riding.