Canonisation is an idea that exists in a unique way within Doctor Who fandom, in theory, it means an individual can create a body of work that is established on the already existing body of literature that can be drawn upon[1], but it is more commonly thought as what a fan considers what forms part of the Doctor Who universe, or what “really happened”. This is often a personal choice, one which is endlessly discussed and argued about in just about every Doctor Who-related forum or message board that exists on the internet.

we are an alternate universe apart from the overall Doctor Who canon, this is a deliberate move to create separate canon and the copyright of Doctor Who with none of the Doctor Who elements, aside from the doctor and the time machine, our series begins as the 1st Doctor flees her home world of Gallifrey, her travels through time and space are random owing to faulty components in her time-machine.

First female doctor series

I’m getting pretty excited about the series it’s pretty far out to think we are going to be the first with an original female doctor series I mean I know some people have done short stint webcasts and live plays as Tom Baker’s doctor, David Tennant’s doctor and Matt Smith’s doctor etc., but no-one has had an original character or had more than a few bit stories

story 4 details

Recently we got a submission from somebody for a story with a lost person form another dimensional reality the Doctor must find a way to get her back to her own universe, and it seems this idea has a lot of traction with us and looks like becoming story number four

2nd series over veiw

Series 2

No#;  Story details                 no# of episodes                        Written by

4;       The Doctor, TBT,   Female 1st Doctor  20-30min x 2       TBD


5;       The Doctor, TBT       Male 1st Doctor  20-30min x 2            TBD

Synopsis: the Doctor meets a super powered girl, whom is the child of a living star

6;         The Doctor, TBT                     20-30min x 4/2?                      TBD


7;         The Doctor, TBT                     20-30min x 4/2?                      TBD


8;         The Doctor, TBT                     20-30min x 4/2?                      TBD


9;         The Doctor, TBT                     20-30min x 4/2?                      TBD


10;       The Doctor, TBT                     TBD                                         TBD


the Dalek issue

this is the thing that gets asked the most, and I just have to say I’m honestly a bit sick of people asking when are we going to have the Daleks we aren’t period, especially with their copyright so unless you want to go negotiate with the Terry Nation estate and cough up the millions needed to get them (this is based on how much BBC had to pay to use them in the episode Dalek of the new series) then find 1 original thing we can do with them be my guest this why we only want original monsters, aliens, rant over sorry to everyone else who has to see this but I felt everyone needed a cold dose of reality